LS screw conveyor

Summary of LS-type screw conveyor:

LS-type screw conveyor is the updated product of GX-type screw conveyor, it is designed according to standard of JB/T679-95 screw conveyor. Top and end bearings are installed outside of the shell, suspension bearing adopts sliding type with dust-protection sealing. Generally, bearing bush adopts powder metallurgy, when transporting cement, it will adopt wool felt. Hanger shaft and screw shaft are connected by sliding block. When disassembling the screw, driving device will not be moved. There is no need to move the screw when disassembling hanger bearing; lubricate hanger bearing without disassembling the cover plate. The machine has high reliability, long lifetime, good applicability, convenience to install and maintain.

Features of LS-type screw conveyor:

1、big load capacity, safe and reliable;
2、 good applicability, convenient to install and maintain, long lifetime;
3、 Small size, high rotation speed to guarantee transporting rapidly and evenly;
4、Without cleaning device at outlet, low noise, flexible arrangement on position of inlet and outlet.
5、 good sealing, the shell is made in seamless steel tube, ends are connected by flange, good rigidity.

Specification of LS-type screw conveyor:

Arrangement of LS-type screw conveyor: a set of screw conveyor include three parts, screw body, inlet and outlet device, driving device.
Screw body consists head part, middle part and end part. When assembly, arrange middle parts in order of length, the longest middle part is close to head part, middle parts with same length adjoin.
There is thrust bearing installed in head part to support axial force, bearings installed in middle part and end part to support screw axis. In addition, a radial bearing is installed in the end part which can move axially to compensate the length error of the screw axis, it can also adapt the temperature’s change. The type of screw surface includes solid-type(S-method) and band-type(D-method). Screw axes are connected by the flange to guarantee compatibility of the coupling axle, which will bring convenience to maintenance. Cover is the rolltile type, it is clamped on the shell by the buckle. If the sealing performance need to be improved, customer can add waterproof canvas between cover and shell.
Driving device include ZQ series of speed reducer, Y series of motor, YTC gear reducer motor.

Size chart of LS-type screw conveyor

Parameter list of LS-type screw conveyor:

WLS-type shaftless screw conveyorback

Summary of WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor:

WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor has simple structure, without bearing in the trough, materials can be conveyed smoothly. It is totally enclosed without secondary pollution. Screw body is manufactured by a kind of special molding process, which can get high rigidity. Length of single section of screw body is about 2m, there are less welding joints on the whole screw body. U-shpae liner is made in high-quality engineering plastics with good wear resistance. It runs at low speed, low energy consumption, less abrasion. It is used in environmental protection industry, paper making, chemical, food, medicine and beverage industry, it has unique advantages in conveying the materials with high absorbability, mushy and viscous materials (such as chemical materials, waste paper pulp, wheat germ, sewage sludge) and materials easy to be twisted( such as domestic garbage). Shaftless screw conveyor is also called anti-twist conveyor, garbage-disposal conveyor.

Working principle of WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor:

It is basically same to the general screw conveyor on conveying principle, a rotary screw shaft drives the screw nut to move at the axial direction. Screw body of shaftless screw conveyor is equivalent to the screw shaft, materials are equivalent to the screw nut, when the screw body rotates constantly, the materials are also conveyed constantly. Screw body is a kind of banded blade, driven by the driving end, without shaft in the middle area, connected (sliding) with the lining board at the bottom of shell wall.

Conveying features of WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor:

Anti twist: Without disturbance of central shaft, WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor is advantageous on conveying banded materials, viscous materials, materials easy to be twisted. It can be used in sewage treatment plant to convey screen residue or filter cake. It also can be used at waste treating area to convey the waste to prevent jamming accident.
 Good environment performance: It adopts whole-sealed conveying structure and easy-to-be-cleaned screw surface, thus environment can be protected, conveyed materials can’t be polluted and leaked.
 High torque, energy saving: Due to without shaft, materials are not easy to be jammed, discharging point can’t be jammed either. So the conveyor can be run at low speed, rotated smoothly, thus energy can be saved. Torque can reach 4000N/m.
  Large conveying capacity: With same diameter, conveying capacity of WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor is 1.5 times than capacity of traditional conveyor with shaft.

Structure of WLS-type shaftless screw conveyor:

It consists of power unit, head assembly, shell, shaftless screw body, wear-resistant lining board, inlet, outlet, cover (when needed), bottom seat.

Specification and parameters of WLS shaftless screw conveyor:

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