Plate feederis mainly used under the material silo and hopper with a certain pressure, it will convey evenly and constantly all kinds of bulky materials to the crusher, screening and transporting equipments, it especially suits to locate under primary crusher.

We producelight-type, medium-type and heavy-duty plate feederthey are used for conveying materials from silo along horizontal or inclined direction to the crusher and other working machinery constantly and evenly. Materials’ feature of light-type plate feeder: bulk density is less than 1200kg/m3, maximum lump is less than 140kg, bulk materials with the temperature not higher than 350℃.

Materials’ feature of medium-type plate feeder: bulk density is less than 2400kg/m3, maximum lump is less than 500kg, bulk materials with the temperature not higher than 400℃.

Materials’ feature of heavy-duty plate feeder: bulk density is less than 2800kg/m3, maximum lump is less than 800kg, bulk materials with the temperature not higher than 400℃.

Plate feederis widely used in mining, cement, chemical and metallurgy industry for selecting, transporting and dosing. It is the indispensable equipment in the treatment of raw materials and constant producing, it is especially suitable for the large-sized materials and sharp materials.

BQ Light-type plate feeder

BQ light-type plate feeder is widely used in non-ferrous metal industry, mining, cement, fertilizer, chemical, metallurgy, and paper making industry for selecting, transporting and dosing. It is suitable for conveying bulk materials( capacity is not larger than 1.2t/m3, maximum lump is not heavier than 140kg, temperature is not higher than 350℃) to working machinery, silo, hopper or other container at horizontal or inclined direction. This series of plate feeders include four types, maximum feeding capacity can reach 500m3 /h, standard compliance is JB/T3813—1999.

BL Medium-type plate feeder

BL Medium-type plate feeder is designed and manufactured according to standard of ministry of machine-building industry JB4255-95. It is suitable for distributing or conveying bulk materials( bulk density is not larger than 2.4t/m3, maximum lump is not heavier than 500kg, temperature is not higher than 400℃)from silo or hopper to crusher, conveyor or other working machinery at horizontal or inclined direction. Installation angle would not larger than 25°, when feeding from silo, the silo height shouldn’t exceed 3m.

Medium-type plate feeder is a kind of transporting equipment with constantly running, it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building, cement, chemical industry. It can be run reliably under open-air or humid environment. It is the necessary equipment during constantly producing especially suitable for transporting materials with large-size, high-temperature and sharp materials. Medium-type plate feeder we produced can be adjusted on conveying speed based on customer’s needs, to control production rate. Variable-frequency speed-adjustable motor is connected with the cycloidal planetary speed reducer or the hard tooth face reducer. In safety, it adopts double overload protection, on mechanical and electrical.

BHZ Heavy-duty plate feeder

BHZ Heavy-duty plate feeder (OK plate) is used in the industry as mining, metallurgy, building, coal industry. It is mainly used on the site with silo of high pressure or high drop height. It is used to transport the materials large-size or large-capacity to the crusher, screening equipment, and conveying equipment evenly and constantly at a short distance, it is especially suitable being located before primary crusher. It is suitable for treating the coarse particle, is also suitable for fine particle. It can be installed horizontally, inclined installation is also ok, max inclined angle is 22°.

BHZ heavy-duty plate feeder consists of driving device, spindle unit, tensioning device, chain plate, frame,supporting wheel. The best strongpoint of it is strong adaptability, wear resistance, long lifetime.

Driving device:consists of variable-frequency motor and self-made DT series of speed reducer. It is suspended without foundation. It can be interlocked with receiving equipment to guarantee the feeding capacity will always meet the requirements of receiving equipment.

Spindle device:consists of spindle, chain wheel and supporting roller. Supporting on two sides is the rolling bearing, main spindle is assembled as a unit with speed reducer and hollow shaft by the retaining plate in order to reach the aim of transferring the torque.

Tensioning device:is screw tension-bar type, to get even tension of two chains through adjusting the screw bars on two sides. Rubber springs are installed at the end of screw bar to buffer the impact force that materials bring to chain plate, increase lifetime of chain and trough plate. Supporting roller on the tensioning device will function as leading to guarantee chain’s normal running, to get the aim of transporting the materials.

Chain plate unit:consists of tank chains and receiving trough plate, trough plates are lap welded circularly to prevent materials leaking. Chains are produced by professional manufacturer, accumulated errors of pitch are small, moving smoothly, lubrication is not needed. Trough plate is welded by low-carbon alloy steel, it has advantages of high tensile and wear resistance.

Supporting roller device: Its function is to support the chain plate device, prevent materials’ impact, avoid chain plate deforming. There are long roller and short roller, two types. Long roller is made in seamless steel tube, short roller is made in forged alloy steel and treated by surface hardening to improve lifetime.

Frame:Its structure is I-beam, welded by all kinds of shape steel, with good rigidity and high tensile.

Speed adjusting:Plate feeder can be driven by variable frequency speed adjusting. Variable frequency speed adjusting is a kind of driving method of being widely used and reliable performance, it has good cost performance, it can be connected with PLC and DCS to realize long-distance controlling.

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