Chain bucket conveyor

BLD Chain bucket conveyor:

BLD series of chain bucket conveyor is suitable for transporting materials in state of powder, granule, small piece abrasive materials and non-abrasive materials in horizontal direction or with large angle, such as cement clinker, coke, sinter ore and lime, etc. It is applicable specially to transport the materials with high temperature, highest temperature is 350℃. BLD series of chain bucket conveyor adopt inflow-type feeding and turning discharging. Materials feeding into the hopper are elevated to the top area by plate chain then discharged automatically by action of gravity. BLD series of chain bucket conveyor is the elevating equipment introducing foreign advanced technology. Because of high-efficiency, reliable running (BLD series of chain bucket conveyor we manufactured for Tangshan Xinqu thermal power plant have been run for 12 years.) and temperature-resistance, it is used widely. BLD series of chain bucket conveyor adopts plate-type chain made in high-quality alloy steel with features of high strength. The driving device adopts hard tooth face reducer.

Characteristics of BLD series of chain bucket conveyor:

1、 Good sealing, less environmental pollution.
2、 Convenient for operation, maintenance, less wearing parts.
3、 Energy saving, less maintenance, low cost.
4、 Reliable operation, advanced design.
5、 Good structure rigidity, high precision. The shell is edged, rib pressed, and then welded to get good rigidity and nice profile.
6、 Compared with other kind of elevator with same elevating capacity, its mechanical dimension is smaller.

Main structure and features of BLD series of chain bucket conveyor:

BLD series of chain bucket conveyor is composed of running parts, driving device, head tank, middle tank, tail tank and tensioning device.
1、 Driving device:It adopts shaft-mounted reducer, reducer adopts hard tooth type. Frequency converter can be optional mounted based on customer's requirement to control running speed of the chain buckets. Backstop is designed on driving device to avoid chain bucket full of materials reversing when it stop.
2、 Running parts: It is composed of driving sprocket sets, bend sprocket sets, chain, chain bucket and supporting railway. To prevent swinging of the chain during running, double-row chain structure is adopted for the conveyor with belt width larger than 400mm. Sprocket adopts hub and separated tooth ring, hub ZG45; tooth ring 20CrMo forging steel; high-strength bolt. Hardening and tempering on hub: HB217-255;Hardness of surface of tooth ring: HRC55-60. Chains are made in high-quality materials manufactured in special steel plant, processed by advanced technology of heat treatment. 1)、Inside and outside chain plate:40Cr ; 2)、Axis pin: 20CrMnMo ;3)、Sleeve: 20CrMo ; 4)、Roller: 20CrMo; Hardening and tempering HB293-365; carburizing and nitriding (0.5mm) HRC55-62.
3、 Head tank: it adopts sealing structure, a movable window is designed on front surface for convenience of observe, discharge port is connected by flange. Tail tank: it also adopts sealing structure, tensioning device and material-deposit device are mounted on it. Material-deposit device is used for collecting materials falling accidentally into the tank during conveying, these materials can be taken out conveniently and put back to the conveyor. Middle tank: it is standard part, designed with window and bolt hole used for mounting the railway.
4、 Tensioning device: It adopts screw tensioning, through sliding bearing housing to support bend sprocket shaft and screw rod to realize tensioning.

Type and transporting capacity of BLD series of chain bucket conveyor:

Selection of transporting capacity: Transporting capacity in above list is standard capacity for 45 degree angle, if inclined angle changes, transporting capacity would change accordingly. Capacity should be revised: Q = q*σ.

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