Summary of BHDY-type moveable belt conveyor:

BHDY-type moveable belt conveyor is a kind of constant conveying, loading and unloading equipment with high efficiency and good flexibility. It is mainly used where the working space is always need to be changed, such as port, dock, station, coal yard, storage, building site, stock ground and farm, etc. It is used for short-distance transporting or loading, unloading bulk materials or articles with the weight less than 100 kilograms. It is divided into two types, elevating type and non-elevating type. Belt’s moving is driven by the electric pulley, the whole conveyor’s elevating and moving is non-maneuverable. It is suitable for transporting bulk materials and articles in short distance, loading and unloading. It is of steel tube (or square tube) structure, legerity, elegant appearance and good maneuverability. Rotating device is electric pulley, equipped with two kinds of travelling wheels, pneumatic tyre wheel and steel wheel. Inclined angle is adjustable for conveyor with more than 10m length.

Characteristics of BHDY-type moveable belt conveyor:

It adopts high-precision case-hardening gear, its carrying capacity is high, 2-3 times than soft gear. Its lifetime is long, can reach ten years. Its structure is compact, the space it occupies is small (can be reduced by 50%), light weight, small volume(can be reduced by 50%), especially for vertical driving structure, it is more suitable for use on down-hole transporting machinery. We can also provide non-standard design based on customers’ requirements.

Structure profile of BHDY-type moveable belt conveyor:

1—driving pulley. 2—frame. 3carrying idler. 4—return idler.5anti-deviation idler. 6—travelling mechanism. 7—tensioning device. 8—chute device.9—travelling and angle adjusting device

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