Summary of DTII(A)-type belt conveyor:

 DTII belt conveyor is an universal type widely used on metallurgy, mining, coal, port, power station, building, chemical, light industry and petroleum. It is used for transporting bulk materials or articles. According to different requirements of transporting technology, transportation can be realized by single unit, multi-unit, forming horizontal or declining transporting system with other conveyors. It can transport the materials with bulk density of 0.5~2.5t/m3.

Characteristics of DTII(A)-type belt conveyor:

 Working temperature that DTII –type fixed belt conveyor suits is -25~+40℃. For special requirements, such as heat resistance, cold resistance, waterproof, anti corrosion, blast proof, flame retarded, corresponding protective measures should be taken.
 Design of DTII-type fixed belt conveyor is made according to assembly series, designer can design or integrate the whole conveyor according to different landform, working condition combined with transporting technology requirements.
 This series of assembly can meet the requirements of horizontal and declining transportation. We can also adopt the transporting mode combining convex curve, concave curve and straight line. Sizes of allowable transporting materials depend on belt width, speed, trough angle, inclined angle and opportunity that large-size materials will appear.

Specification of DTII(A)-type belt conveyor:

Belt width:

DTII(A)-type fixed belt conveyor takes belt width as its main parameter, see sheet 1-1, this width series accords with the regulation of “GB/T 987-1991 basic parameter and size of belt conveyor”.

Code No

DTII(A)-type fixed belt conveyor takes belt width (B), diameter of driving pulley(D) and allowable torque (No.) as its code No. Code No. will be marked on nameplate, for specification of developed products please see sheet 1-2.

Sheet 1-2 Product specification (developed part)

Structure, part name and code No.

Typical structure of DTII(A)-type belt conveyor

Typical collocation

According to physical dimension of the belt conveyor, quantity of driving pulley, structure of tensioning device and difference of discharging, There are manifold collocation and profile of DTII(A)-type belt conveyor. Chart 1-2 lists 14 typical collocation drawings.

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