BNR series roller is a series with superior performance and economical. We researched and designed BNR series roller absorbing the advanced national and international experiments and considering the Chinese situation. It has features of simple structure, wide application range, working under different environments of temperature range of- 40℃---70℃, of dusty and watery. Infusing the oil one time and adopt lengthened labyrinth seal, its lifetime can reach 40000 hours and it is free of maintaining in lifeime

Application range:

Belt width range:500 ~ 2000mm ; Suitable carrying materials: From even granular materials to lumpish materials, such as ore, coal, cement, sand, wood flour, grit and concrete, etc. Suitable industry: Metallurgy, mining, coal mine, port, construction site and power station.

Characteristics:Small starting torque, high efficiency, long lifetime, few maintenance and maximum load capacity.

StructureTube adopts special high-frequency welding tube, lathed and cut by special machine. Bearing housing adopts cold-pressing type, precision grade is ISOM7 which can make starting torque smaller. Bearing housing is connected with tube by welding to make whole structure strong enough and ensure good precision, get smallest radial unbalance factor. The shaft is cold-drawn processed to ISOH6 to guarantee the bearing’s installing precision. Bearing: We adopt the bearing with famous brand in China, it is single-row centripetal ball bearing with sealing on two sides. Sealing: Labyrinth seal is designed outside of the bearing, the placket of the seal faces inside and the clearance of seal is deep. So when the roller is running, few materials have come into from outside could be prevented from going into further because of centrifugal force. This kind of roller is not designed for working under the water but it is proved that its weight will not be increased if it works for 24 hours under the water.

Lubrication:We adopt special lubricating grease which has good stability under different environments. Lubricating grease in the bearing area is enough to be used in the whole lifetime of the roller.

Inspection: Put the roller on the inspection table after assembly, rotate the roller for a certain time to make lubricating grease go into the bearing. Measure each index at an appointed rotating speed, the ones whose indexes (resisting moment, radial runout, axial displacement) reach the standard will be certified.

Technical parameters of BNR carrying roller and return roller

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