BSR series of adjustable spring impact roller

We find from years’ experience that impact rollers cover a little percent in the total costs of whole belt conveyor, but it is so important for protecting the belt. The whole belt will be scrapped rapidly because of invalid impact roller. If conveying capacity is large, materials’ drop is large, conveying material is lumpish material, impact rollers will become invalid or its impacting effect become bad, and then the belt will be destroyed badly and scrapped rapidly. The impact rollers will cost most time of the worker to be maintained. Adjustable spring impact roller we designed can be adjusted with impact elasticity according to the impulsive force of the time, adjusted with trough angle according to belt height on the site to make medium roller suit the belt’s height. Compared with other kind of impact rollers, BSR series of rollers has the features of evident effect of belt protecting, long lifetime and reducing materials’ falling out. All the features will be more evident when working under the more impulsive force.


We consider fully about the impact idler protecting the belt and its reliability, durability and universality. This kind of idler is suitable for mounting on all sorts of angle-bracket belt conveyor.

This series of idler is made up of three rollers and moveable and dividable supporting frame which is composed of bottom beam and moveable triangular support. The idler takes the press spring as the source of force, when press spring is pressed, the elasticity will progressively increase along with decreasing of the height, and then impact force of the idler will be progressively increased with increasing impulsive force, so the impulsive force produced from materials falling down will be killed and the belt will be protected. The moveable triangular support will decompose the impulsive force then impulse-resistance will be increased and the working life will be prolonged.

Bottom beamBottom beam is channel steel welding part with good intensity, toughness and stability. Overcoming the shortcomings of deformation by more impulsive force, the supporting plate of it adopts 35# cast-steel part which can support the spring and control the stop position of the medium roller. Moveable triangular support is composed of mobile leg, press spring and guide rod assembly and connected with bottom beam. The mobile leg is channel-steel part, has good stiffness. The press spring is made of 60si2Mn spring-steel and we design three kinds of spring with different stiffness for selection. The guide rod assembly is both the guide support of the spring and the support of medium roller’s stop position. Adjust the press nut on the support will make the idler work at arbitrary angle and impact elasticity in a certain range. An appropriate support of the belt will be formed for any section of the belt including receiving section at transition. Then purpose of protecting the belt and prolonging the life will come true. Roller: This kind of idler adopts the BHR roller of Beihua company.

Technical parameters:

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