BHTD series pulleys

Besides DTⅡ(A)-type pulley which accord with GB/T988-1991, we can also produce BHTD-type pulley, this kind of pulley is more practical. Dimensions of tube, center plate, hub and shaft are all calculated by the computer. According to different loading, pulley is divided into light-type, medium-type and heavy-duty, three types. Large-torque pulley can be designed with cast-welding structure, if you need the detailed information please ask the blue brochure from us.

Assorted belt width with diameter of driving pulley

 Diameter of pulley is the nominal value excluding surface coating.  This series of driving pulley is divided into three types according to load capacity, light-type, medium-type and heavy-duty. Light-type: hole diameter of the bearing is 80-100mm, shaft and hub are joined together by single key, central plate is welded with the tube, it is of single extension shaft. Medium-type: hole diameter of the bearing is 120-180mm, shaft and hub are joined by extension sleeve. Heavy-duty: hole diameter of the bearing is 200-220mm,shaft and hub are joined by extension sleeve. The tube is of casting-welding structure, it includes single extension shaft and double extension shaft, two types.  Pulley surface includes flat type, herringbone rubber covered type and rhombic rubber covered type. Herringbone rubber surface has big friction coefficient, good skid resistance and drainage, but it is restricted by its directivity. Rhombic rubber surface is suitable for double-direction conveyor.

BHTD type of pulley adopts high precision bearing and high-quality bearing housing to guarantee the equipment’s optimized running.

BHTD type of pulley: The surface of this kind of driving pulley can adopt normal, herringbone and rhombic vulcanized rubber.

BHTD type of pulley can by joined with the shaft by the method of key, heat expansion or extension sleeve. Pulleys will be made every experiment before delivery to reach minimum rotation resistance. The bearing housing is of split structure, easy to maintain. We can also produce non-standard pulley based on customer’s requirements and pulley covered with polyurethane wearable layer.

Belt width assorted with diameter of bend pulley

 According to load capacity bend pulley is divided into light-type, medium-type and heavy-type.the corresponding diameter is 50~100mm,120~180mm,200~260mm,structure type is identical to the driving pulley.  Cover of bend pulley has flat-type and smooth rubber type.

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