Large-scale automatic ceramic material batching and transporting

New technology to change status of ceramic industry

Mill-feeding,measuring, batching and transporting system,designed and produced by Tangshan Beihua Electro-Mechanical Engineering Co.,ltd, is a brand new measuring and transporting system. It is the first set of automatic large-scale combined multi-way batching and transporting system of clayey material, high corrosive material and viscous material.

Brief introduction

Engineers in Tanshan Beihua made an intensive research, test and analysis during one year’s hardwork, improve and perfect their design programs according to actual status on site. Finally a brand new automatic ceramic material batching and transporting system is put in use.  

Measuring core

This slurry preparation automatic batching system adopts PLC control system of SIEMENS to realize material adding, batching, transporting and mill feeding.

Automatic control of equipment, add control parts and instruments of equipments in three parts mentioned above into the system to realize computer aided management and full automatic control. So production management procedure can be simplified, material recipe can be adjusted freely, new product development can be convenient, management level can be promoted and enterprise benefit can be improved.

Small innovation on technology, big benefit on production

This slurry preparation automatic batching system includes preparation of 23 kinds of materials and equipments in process of automatic batching. Automation in material measuring, batching and transporting in original slurry-making workshop and newly-built one can be realized. Automation system could highly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and promote management level. This technology is in the leading level in domestic ceramic industry.

Design for the future

Save labor costs and decrease labor intensity

Save power costs and increase production efficiency

Make using valley-time electricity price for mill possible

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